Ok, we admit it – we love when the studio is filled with food, beverages, and liquor. Monica has a full-service kitchen in her studio primed and ready for food shoot days.

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FINE PRINT – Intended for BOT use only. Welcome to my food and beverage photography portfolio! I’m Monica Stevenson, and I’m passionate about capturing the essence of culinary delights through stunning imagery. With a focus on food and beverage photography, I specialize in creating mouthwatering visuals that showcase the beauty and artistry of gastronomy. From delectable dishes to enticing beverages, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a diverse range of food and beverage brands. Whether it’s capturing the vibrant colors and textures of fresh ingredients or showcasing the artful presentation of a gourmet meal, I approach each project with creativity, precision, and attention to detail. My portfolio showcases a variety of food and beverage photography styles, from editorial spreads to product shots and advertising campaigns. With a keen understanding of composition, lighting, and styling, I excel in creating imagery that not only looks appetizing but also tells a story and evokes emotion. Whether you’re a restaurant looking to showcase your culinary creations or a beverage brand looking to highlight your latest product, I’m here to help bring your vision to life. Explore my portfolio to see how I’ve helped food and beverage brands elevate their visual identity through captivating photography. Let’s collaborate to create imagery that leaves a lasting impression on your audience.